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       Do you want an easy solution to securing your personal space? Are you tired of unlocking your door and having to rummage through your keys looking for the right one? Or maybe you just like fingerprint activation and want to add that modern, futuristic feel to entering a room. 

  Regardless of the reason, the Keen Bio Lock is the solution to it all!

Double The Upgrade

Our goal is to add quality of life to our clients through our products by transforming their homes and to help prove that, we offer a buy one get one 20% off deal to get you double the door upgrades at a fraction of the cost.

Unlock With Fingerprint

This will be the easiest way to unlock your door. A quick and seamless alternative to reaching for your keys. Can store up to 50 fingerprints

Custom Passcodes

Create a custom 6-10 digit passcode for yourself or guests. Passcodes can be permanent, timed, or one use only. Perfect for giving temporary access to guests 

Optional Keys

The Keen Bio Lock Includes 2 keys that can be used to manually unlock door

Unlock Remotely

Effortlessly unlock door from anywhere in the house with the Tuya Smart App

5 Year Warranty

We’re so confident about our product that we offer a 5 Year Warranty option at checkout. 

Order now with complete confidence and get a FREE REPLACEMENT no questions asked for any defect or damages.

The Keen Bio Lock

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What Our Customers Say About This Product

What Our Customers Say About This Product



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Frequently Asked Questions

What If Battery Dies?

If your Keen Bio Lock is running low, you will receive a warning notification from the TT lock app . If the battery dies, replace it with 4 AAA batteries. Use the provided keys to manually unlock door

How Long Is Shipping?

United States: 10-15 Days

Canada:10-15 Days

Once your order is confirmed, you will periodically receive emails and updates on your item to give the best experience possible.

How Many Fingerprints Can It Save?

The Keen Bio Lock can hold up to 50 different fingerprints

Do I Need Any Tools For Installation

The Only Thing You Need is A Screwdriver! A small Phillips head screwdriver is provided with every purchase!

Have Any Other Questions?

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